B&T Container Trading B.V. was founded in 2005 by Bastiaan Izelaar who has over 15 years of experience in refrigeration container trading.

In 2015, Angela Warnaar joined as Marketing Director with over 20 years of experience in primarily the container leasing industry.

Together, as business partners, they act as service providers in the container leasing and trading environment.

Including a specialised machinery engineer and 4 box repairers, B&T Container Trading B.V. operates with a staff of 7 people.

B&T is located in Den Bommel, between Antwerp and Rotterdam and comprises a 17,000 m2 fully equipped container depot facility including a covered repair shop, a 800 m2 warehousing facility and a 500 m2 office building.

Our activities are diverse and broaden increasingly. While there has been an emphasis on second hand refrigeration container trading, activities meanwhile include purchasing of a wide variety of container equipment types for the international sales and rental markets, repairing containers for our valued third party customers, renting out our warehouse facility and we are capable of offering taylor made solutions to customers, from non standard storage facilities including permanent refrigeration facilities, to refrigeration containers with side doors and beyond.

Containers are purchased from a variety of established international operating container lease companies and ss liner companies in both ‘’As Is’’ and ‘’Cargo Worthy’’ repaired condition.

Following repairs, machinery checks (PTI certification) and neutralization, and with our own BTCU prefix and numbering applied, containers are made available for physical delivery, directly from our premises, or including transportation to the well known container shipping terminals in Antwerp and Rotterdam.

Please note we can also apply customer prefered prefix and numbering.

Areas where we are active include Europe and Africa while trading activities on a more world wide scale are being developped and expanded.

Please always feel free to contact us for any further information you may require to best meet your personal criteria and requirements!